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NAOMI SCOTT Covering our Summer 2022 issue, the actor talks starring in Anatomy of a Scandal and her upcoming roles.

“I think it’s a very complex thing that she’s going through, because she still has feelings for the person who’s caused her so much pain. There’s so much at stake for her. She has all these dreams and aspirations with regards to her job and politics, and there’s a part of her that’s hesitant at first, because admitting that this has happened means that it’s real. And then the added layer of her being on the stand and wanting to remain this strong, perfect witness, not only for her case, but I think in some senses for him…”

Starring in Anatomy of a Scandal, the Netflix adaptation of Sarah Vaughan’s bestselling novel, Naomi Scott takes the stand as rape victim Olivia Lytton. Covering our Summer 2022 issue, Naomi talks about bringing the multifaceted character to life, the reality TV shows that helped her switch off between scenes and her role in upcoming sci-fi movie, Distant.

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